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Waiting on Money

December 14th, 2008 at 08:22 pm

I hate waiting on money. It makes me so tense because I need it, and I know it is coming, but I don't have it yet.

I'm waiting on 2 checks, and a book in the mail:

$10 check from a survey
$500 freelance check
Book on palm reading so I can add something else to my "talents" to go with the tarot cards

Requested the survey check the beginning of November, and I know it can take up to 2 months so I guess I have to wait. As for the freelance check, well, that is due any day now as I expected it last week. And the book was mailed on December 3rd, so it really should be here by now.

2 Responses to “Waiting on Money”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    How did you learn tarot cards?

  2. Koppur Says:

    Honestly, I've never read a book about tarot or taken a class. I just picked up the deck my friend had one day I was at their house, and I could just read them. I know it sounds silly, but I just started flipping them over and I saw images in my head and knew what to say. When I read, I connect to my spirit guides who tell me things. For example, they will communicate with the spirit guides of the person I am reading. Then they will pass messages onto me and I tell the client. I'm kind of just a voicebox, like the messenger. The cards help me focus and give me paths to talk about. Does that make sense?

    I've always gotten glimpses of information and been able to commuinicate with spirits, as long as I can remember. I think that helped.

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