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My 2 cents

January 31st, 2007 at 03:41 pm

Last night the by and I walked around the mall here looking for help wanted signs. He'd love to work in a funky store at the mall, so we checked around and he picked up a few apps. While we were there, I found a penny near the entrance. We walked by the fountain (Yup, we have a fountain in our mall) and I threw the penny in and made a wish. Then I saw another penny on the ground next to the fountain. Also threw that one in (but didn't make a wish...figured it might be someone else's wish and that's just wrong). A little later, we are at the other end of the mall and I found another penny. Then another one. Kept those two. Will throw them into the change envelope for the $20 Challenge Account. See, karma works....I threw 2 pennies into the fountain and got 2 back. Big Grin

Where did all these high bills come from???

January 28th, 2007 at 08:05 am

How the hell do I have a $127.00 phone bill????? We don't make long distance calls on it (don't have long distance) and the monthy fee is $40 plus $15 for internet. WTF???? I must have missed a monthly payment in there somewhere. Gonna have to call CS tomorrow and find out.

Then, I got a $170 bill rom when I had tests done in November. My insurance only covered up to $500 of it and the rest is up to me. WTF????

Grumble, grumble, gonna be a bad week $ wise until payday. I can feel it already.


January 28th, 2007 at 08:01 am

Just took $200 from my ING/EF account to pay for bills. *sigh* This is the first time I've touched this account and I HATE it. Going to try and replace that $ asap, starting with $ from my paycheck on Friday.

$20 Challenge Old Total: $936.35
Transfer to pay bills: $200
Total for 2007 Goal: $36.35
New Overall Total: $736.35

Frown Frown Frown FrownFrown Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown Frown

Money is tight...

January 28th, 2007 at 07:43 am

Threw a couple of $1 bills into the change envelope this morning. Money is fairly tight so we haven't been spending any cash, hence very little change in the envelope this month. We have been using the cc some. *sigh* Seems like every time we start to get ahead we crash down again. We're going to work really hard to cut out extras next month. Try and start a budget again. I think we're going to do the envelope system for a few things.

Money for bills will stay in the checking account, but at the beginning of each month, or rather on each pay day, we'll take some $ out and designated it.

$100 a month for eating out/toys/buying things we want but don't need/entertainment. We have Netflix for $18 a month, so that will come out of there. If we manage to not spend it all, at the end of the month it can either be rolled over to the next month or put into a savings account.

I wish there was a way to cut down on the amount of gas in the car we use, but my commute is far enough that I have to fill the tank every 3-4 adys. That sucks.

The boy is busy looking for a job still. Not much around here and since he doesn't drive, he either has to be able to walk to work, take the bus to work, or work after I am home at night so I can take him and pick him up from work.

This summer I'm going to reteach him to drive, then maybe we can save up for a cheap car for him. Mine will be paid off in September, so that will help a bit.

What really sucks is that I get depressed and stressed about the money being tight and all I want to do is go spend money to cheer myself up and forget about our money problems. Rather counter-productive, wouldn't you say?

Anyways, today we are going to see a matinee movie. We have had it planned for 2 weeks and have put aside the $20 we need for it. Of course I will feel guilty later today when I think of how else we could have used that $20 (bills anyone?) but we are dying to see this movie, and well, I have no willpower.


New savings account.

January 26th, 2007 at 04:45 am

Well, we have our checking account. Then my bank savings account wich is really just for paying off the cc debt settlers fee since they direct withdraw $100 from that every month. I have the ING / EF / $20 CHallenge account going. Just openeded an Emigrant savings account. This account is going to be for "fun" things: BF's new glasses, our trip to Vegas, new tattoos, etc. Started it off w/the $1 to open it, and the boy has gotten $180.65 from e-bay sals this last 2 weeks, so that is going into the Fun Account.

Fun Account Total: $181.65

I'm a Freelancing Machine!

January 25th, 2007 at 04:47 pm

Got a third project to take home with me and freelance on, plus I just got a freelance writing gig to write New Age articles.

Kick arse!

Big Grin

Yay for books!

January 25th, 2007 at 04:46 pm

$20 Challenge Old Total: $931.84
DD from Half.com: $4.51
Total for 2007 Goal: $236.35
New Overall Total: $936.35

Two in a Row!

January 24th, 2007 at 03:57 pm

TWO No Spend Days in a row! Whoo-hoo!


I put $1 aside last night for today's anticipated No Spend Day. I wanted a coffee from DnD at lunch, but I didn't want to do the Pull of Shame and pull put the $ I had already put asdie. LOL It really worked!

Total No Spend Days in 2007: 3

No Spend Day

January 23rd, 2007 at 03:50 pm

I did it! Finally had a No Spend Day. Whoo-hoo! $1.00 into my $20 Challenge Money (when I get some cash...all out right now...LOL).

Total No Spend Days in 2007: 2

Broken Toilet - warning, bad language

January 21st, 2007 at 08:40 am

So when I got up this morning, I went to the bathroom to pee. The rug on the floor as soaked through and freezing cold. The fucking toilet broke. So, I call the owner (thank goddess we live in an apartment and we don't have to pay for it), and the guy tells me it's not considered a real emergency, so he won't call maintenance out on a Sunday (prob. b/c he doesn't want to pay him overtime or time and a half). He tells me to turn the water off, and someone will be here tomorrow. Then he fucking called me "Honey". I fucking hate that.

So, for today at least, I have a broken toilet, and I'm wicked pissed.

On a good note, going to Mums and Dads house today to watch the Colts - Pats playoff game. Big tradition for me and Dads to watch the game together.

Go Pats!


January 20th, 2007 at 09:57 am

So I did some freelance proofreading for the company I work for this past week. They are paying me extra outside my regular paycheck to do some night time and weekend at home proofreading. Yay! Smile

I submitted my billing invoice for the work I did last week. $45.43 Not bad. And, bonus, the gave me more freelance work to do this weekend. Smile

It takes about 6-8 weeks for payment, so I'm not going to add this to my Challenge money yet. When I get it I will. Smile

Payday and another $100 on the CC

January 19th, 2007 at 04:47 am

Today is payday. Money is going to be tight these next two weeks, but tight in the no eating out way, not the I can't pay my bills way. So, another $100 on the Med CC. And I haven't used it since my devestating realization. Smile

BALANCE: $1,778.04
Payment: - $100.00
BALANCE: $1,678.04

$14,804.08 to Mom
$1,399.48 LB CC
$1,678.04 Medical CC
$986.49 CC Debt
TOTAL DEBT: $17,968.09


January 16th, 2007 at 04:22 pm

My boss called me into her office this afternoon and asked if I wanted to pick up a little freelance work.

Hell yeah!!

Right now I am an editorial assistant in the art production department, but I am getting ready to move over to proofreading. So to get me ready, my boss gave me a ton of proofreading freelance work to take home with me this week.

The bonus?

I'm getting paid extra for doing it. Smile
I'm getting paid hourly based on my current pay, which just rocks. I won't get rich off it, but hey, every bit helps, right?

Big Grin

What's Your Latte Factor?

January 15th, 2007 at 04:09 am

I just finied the Automatic Millionaire and I was wondering what everybody's Latte Factor was. If you haven't read the book, the Latte Factor is something you do on an almost daily basis that costs you a bit of money and is unecessary.

The idea is to figure out how much it costs each day, eac week, each month and each year. Then stop doing that thing and instead save that money.

So, what's your Latte Factor?

My Latte Factor is stopping for a bagel and coffee at DnD on the way to work every morning. I spend about $1,600.00 a YEAR doing this!!!!

I luckily have been braking this habit over the last month and now I breakfast and coffee at home every morning. That $25 a week or so adds up!

Payments on the CC don't matter if I keep using it...

January 13th, 2007 at 02:21 pm

If only I hadn't been chargng it up more, the CC would be getting so low....*sigh*

Payments since October 1st:

10/10/06 1:20 PM $220.00
10/23/06 10:34 AM $125.00
11/03/06 8:46 AM $103.78
11/03/06 8:50 AM $137.80
11/08/06 2:31 PM $52.00
11/21/06 8:00 AM $100.00
11/27/06 9:43 AM $366.21
12/21/06 6:13 AM $300.00
12/24/06 9:22 AM $200.00
01/13/07 5:01 PM $100.00

I still have an $1,800 balance on it. If I hadn't been using it all this time....*groan*

NO MORE!!! This ends NOW!!! CC is for emergencies ONLY! And it is staying aat home where I can't use it,and by emergency, I mean like I can't make rent this month and we're about to be evicted.

This was the wake-up call I needed.

But fuck, I'm so upset right now.

Debt Tally Update

January 13th, 2007 at 02:13 pm

Will it ever go down???? Frown

$14,804.08 to Mom
$1,399.48 LB CC
$1,878.04 Medical CC
$986.49 CC Debt
TOTAL DEBT: $19,068.09

Old balance: $1,878.04
Payment: $100
New balance: $1,778.04

$14,804.08 to Mom
$1,399.48 LB CC
$1,778.04 Medical CC
$986.49 CC Debt
TOTAL DEBT: $18,068.09


January 11th, 2007 at 04:48 am

All week I keep thinking it will be a No Spend Day, then BAM! I get whacked with a surprise purchase. I've gotten in the habit of eating breakfast at home, as well as brewing my own coffee for the ride to work (all thanks to the boy, he's FAB). I also am now taking my lunch every day instead of eating lunch out anymore. Much better for the diet and for the wallet. So, untl I get home at night, it looks good.

And then the surprises.

Last night the filter on the aquarium broke. I'm telling you, these "free" fish are getting expensive. We've already had to replace 4 or 5 fish, plus the heater and now the filter.

Night before, we needed to get a wrist brace for the boy's C. Tunnel. (How do you even spell that???) They didn't have the one we needed at CVS, but we ended up getting shampoo, conditioner anda new bath sponge. Oh yeah, and I found a cool little bag for work. *hanging head in shame*

Monday night we ordered pizza b/c we were so exhausted from dealing with other stuff going on, we couldn't be bothered cooking. *hanging head even deeper in shame*

Sunday we met up w/some friends for lunch out. *sigh*

I'd like today to be the No Spend Day I'm waiting for, but we are just about out of milk, Splenda, my WW granola bars, and fesh frutis and veggies.

Does it ever end???

Half.com comes through again!

January 11th, 2007 at 04:40 am

Just got a DD from Half.com from a book I sold the end of last month. I can't tell you how much this rocks, since I bought the book for $3.00 at a used bookstore! Big Grin

$20 Challenge Old Total: $902.27
DD from Half.com: $27.90
E-lance verification deposit: $1.67
Total for 2007 Goal: $231.84
New Overall Total: $931.84

Debt Tally Update

January 8th, 2007 at 04:06 pm

$14,804.08 to Mom
$1,377.10 LB CC
$1,279.62 Medical CC
$1,085.06 CC Debt
TOTAL DEBT: $19,144.28

LB CC Old Total: $1,377.10
Fees and late charge: $122.38
NEW DEBT: $1,499.48
Payment to LB:$100
LB CC New Total: $1,399.48

CC Debt Fee Old Total: $1,085.06
Monthly payment to CC Co: $98.57
CC Debt Fee New Total: $986.49

$14,804.08 to Mom
$1,399.48 LB CC
$1,878.04 Medical CC
$986.49 CC Debt
TOTAL DEBT: $19,068.09

No Spend Day?

January 6th, 2007 at 10:58 am

So, went out this morning with the boy; went to the post office nd it was closed. Damn; will have tomail those books on Monday. Then we went to the Dollar Store, but couldn't find what we needed. Weight Watchers was closed, so no WW bars for me today. Then we hot the bus station for a local bus schedule and came home. Plans for the rest of the day are: housework, a bubbe bath, and watching a movie we got from Netflix.

Could it be?
A no spend day today?


Great Start for the 2007 Goal

January 6th, 2007 at 10:24 am

Interest earned in December, plus money left over from my last paycheck, plus rolled change. A great start to my 2007 Goal of $3,000! Smile

ING Account (aka $20 Challenge) Old Total: $700.00
December interest: $2.32
Extra $ from my pay: $166.95
Rolled Change: $17.00
Spare $1's: $16.00
Total for 2007 Goal: $202.27
New Overall Total: $902.27