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CC Payment

October 31st, 2006 at 11:25 am

Just made a payment to my regular CC Debt. Big Grin

Previous balance: $4,369.74
Payment 10/31/06: - $704.13
New balance: $3,665.61

Debt Tally

$9,054.08 to Mom
$3,665.61 to credit cards
$1,335.40 LB CC
$327.20 Medical CC

Total: $14,382.29

(Back under $15,000! Big Grin)

Cheap Recipes #1: Rice and Beans

October 31st, 2006 at 07:19 am

A new poster asked for cheap recipes, and I thought...what a great idea...let's start a category for those!

Anyone who wants to contribute, please do and I'll add them as a new post with credit to you! Thanks Smile

Rice and Beans:

2 c white rice
1 16oz can pink kindney beans
1 8 oz can black beans
2 green peppers
chilli powder to taste

Put cooked rice, beans, cut up peppers (uncooked or cooked in a skillet first, your preference) into a large pot and heat on low for about 10 mkinutes. Stir in chilli powder to taste.

Since I always have white rice and chili powder on hand, all I need to do is buy the two cans of beans, and the peppers, which is about $4.00 together...and I easily get about 4 meals out of this. If I'm feeling rich on a special day, I'll add in some cooked ground hamburger or turkey, or even some "fake" meat from BOCA...depending on which is cheaper.

Enjoy! Smile


October 31st, 2006 at 07:03 am

Last night after work I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some chicken and tomatos for the pasta dish I was cooking. So, I'm going along, "doo doo doooo" minding my own buisness and I go to checkout. I use one of those new self-checkout lanes (love those!) and after I'm done, I am waiting for my receipt to print. I look down at the coupon printer, and what do I see?


Someone apparently though they were too good for the dime and two pennies and they left it sitting there, next to the printer. What did I do?

Grabbed that $0.12 baby! Hell, I'm not too good for $0.12! I pick single pennies up off the sidewalk, I'll defiantely grab someone's leftover change!

Whoo-hoo! Big Grin

Expected Income

October 30th, 2006 at 10:24 am

Money I am waiting on:

$293.76 work travel reimbursement (in paycheck 11/17/06)
$103.78 medical reimbursement (by 11/07/06) ***RECIEVED***
$125.95 medical reimbursement (by 11/14/06) ***RECIEVED***
$241.27 medical reimbursement (by 11/14/06)
$10 medical reimbursement (by 11/14/06)***RECIEVED***
$10.00 check from surveys (3-6 weeks, by X-mas I hope)
$10.00 check from surveys (3-6 weeks, by X-mas I hope) (Yes, this is a second check I am waiting on Smile )
$350 bonus (??? Are they doing that again this year; around Turkey Day)
$768.00 extra paycheck in Dec due to how the weeks fall.

$52.08 my sis owes me (hopefully by November 17th)***RECIEVED***

Total expected in November: $876.84
Additional hoping for in November: $350.00
Total expected in December: $768.00
Additional hoping for in December: $20.00

Total Waiting on: $2,014.84

Spending it...

*Travel expense check will be split: $100 into EF Savings, $100 into CC Savings, and $93.76 onto Medical CC (to help pay for the coat)

*Medical expense checks go straight onto the Medical CC

*Survey checks go into the $20 Challenge/EF Account

*Bonus will be for the cross-country drive I am (hopefully!!) making in December.

*Money from Sis will also go towards the cross-country trip in December.

*Extra paycheck will be for X-mas shopping. NOTHING is going on the CC's this year!

Meds CC Numbers Update

October 30th, 2006 at 09:31 am

OK....just a list of my Meds CC Activity to I can keep it all straight in my head. Smile

Previous Balance: $200.30
Charge: + $19.98 (BLC)
Credit: - $19.98 (BLC)
Charge: + $65.16 (meds)
Charge: + $19.24 (CVS pharmacy)
Charge: + $149.51 (Coat & gloves)
Charge: + $18.50 (DW-90)
TOTAL: $452.20
PAYMENT: 10/23/06 - $125.00
New total: $327.20

Debt Tally

$9,054.08 to Mom
$4,369.74 to credit cards
$1,335.40 LB CC
$327.20 Medical CC

Total: $15,086.42

The Check is in the Mail

October 30th, 2006 at 07:03 am

Whoo-hoo! I have earned enough points from MySurvey to get a $10 cash reward!! Just ordered it and I should have it in 3-6 weeks. Yay! More for the $20 account! Smile

I Fought the Coat and the Coat Won

October 29th, 2006 at 08:34 pm

Like many women, I love shoes. And purses. And books. But I also love coats! For the winter I have a leather motorcycle jacket, a hot pink leather jacket, a black suede jacked w/maroon fur on the cuffs, a black LL Bean jacet (for when it snows), plus a very wide assortment of heavy sweaters and sweatshirts. I so do not need a new winter coat.

I bought a new winter coat today.

It's long, to my mid-calf, and black aw/fake black fur down the front, and so goddess damned cool!!! I figure it will be OK, though, because I don't have a winter coat that is appropriate for work. I don;t have an nice, dressy winter coats. And this will be perfect for any type of event where I need to be professional or dressy.

And it's so fucking cool!!! Smile

Downside: $128 and I put it on a CC that is supposed to be for meds only.

*hanging head in shame*

*peeking up*

But it's such a cool coat!

CC Savings Update

October 28th, 2006 at 06:20 pm

Had $$ put aside for a bill, and it was over the amount I needed. Decided to add the remainder into my CC Savings Account.

Old Savings (CC Debt) Total: $1,129.44
Added $21.98 leftover
New Savings (CC Debt) Total: $1,152.42

Need to do...

October 28th, 2006 at 06:15 pm

Notes to myself.

To Do:

$100 to Dad
$75 to KofC Hall

Mail CD
Pick up Meds
Deposit check into savings
Pay Rent
Weather-strip windows
Trash Out
Laundry away

Containers to storage

Psychic Faire Suckage

October 28th, 2006 at 06:13 pm

Worked as a tarot reader at a psychic faire today. It sucked. I had one reading and she didn;t even pay!!! I was so hoping to bring home an extra $100 today. Money is tight this week and I really could have used it. *sigh* Time to get brainstorming on new ways to bring in some extra Moo-nay.

1 down, 2 to go

October 27th, 2006 at 02:23 pm

Got one of my meds in the mail today. Turns out the company tat shipped it to me only had part of my address on it so the Fed Ex deilivery guy couldn't find my apartment. Here' the thing though; the meds I got...it's the one I still have some from the last refill left on. The other two I've been completely out of for over 2 weeks now.

And here's the real kicker...one is out of stock and on backroder until NOVEMBER 16th!!!!! And the other was brought to my house today but Fed Ex deiced not to leave it (when the left the first package) and marked it for a return to the shipper. After 25 minutes on the phone, I finally found out where the package was (a town about 20 mins from me) and convinced the manager there to hold the package until tomorrow at 5 so I could pick it up.

Hate to be rude to someone who doesn't deserve it, but I think it was explaining that the package contained anti-depressants and mood-stabilizers in my very colorful langauge that did it.

Damn mail service.

Debt Tally Increases...

October 27th, 2006 at 01:58 pm

Debt tally to Mums is increasing fast... In another few days though, there will have been 2 major cc payments so it will lower my overall debt tally a bit. *sigh* Will I ever catch up, let alone get ahead???


$6,844.08 to Mom
+ $2,210.00 (borrowed for 2 cc payments)

Debt Tally

$9,054.08 to Mom
$4,369.74 to credit cards
$1,335.40 LB CC
$181.06 Medical CC

Total: $14,940.28

Just about $15,000 ...I think I'm going to be sick.

How to Get Better Gas Milage

October 26th, 2006 at 12:50 pm

Found an article in the local paper about this and though we could all benefit. Enjoy!

Hightlights of the Article:

The BBB continues to warn customers to be wary of gas-saving clains for automotive devices or oil and gas additives. While some of the gas-sving products have been proven to work, the savings are usually small at best. Worse still, some can severly damage your engine or void a manufacturer warranty by adding after market devices to your car.

Some products than can damage your car or cause a substantial increase in exhaust emmisions:
Air Bleed Devices
Vapor Bleed Devices
Liquid Injection
Fuel Line Devices
Mixture Enhancers
Internal Engine Modifications

Instead of risking damage with these products, the BBB suggests you try these tips to increase gas milage and save some moeny at the punp:

~Buy only the octane level gas you need. Check your owners manual to find the specifications for your car. If you don't need the high octane level, don't waste the extra money on it.

~Drive more efficiently by driving within the posted speed limit. Gas milage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60mph.

~Avoid frequent and sudden starts adn stops. Accelerate slowly when starting from a dead stop: gas milage can be improved up to 5% around town this way.

~Use overdrive gears and cruise control when appropriate. They improve the fuel economy of your car when you're on the freeway.

~Keep windows closed when you're traveling at high speeds. Open windows cause air drag which reduces your milage by 10%.

~Avoid rough roads when possible. Dirt or gravel roads can reduce your gas milage by up to 30%.

~Remove excess weight from the trunk and backseat. An extra 100 pounds can reduce gas milage by 2%.

~Properly maintain your car: keep the engine tuned, tires inflated and aligned, change the oil on schedule, and check and replace air filters on a regular basis. Replaciong clogged filters can increase gas milage by 10%.

*Taken from the Wareham Courier, Thursday, October 19, 2006 issue

$20 for the $20

October 26th, 2006 at 12:17 pm

Although I usually wait til the end of the month to cash in my change jar, I had some free time the other night and I needed to do something to help me procrastinate claning the house. LOL So, I counted and rolled change. Then I got excited at how much was in there and just couldn't wait to deposit it. Big Grin

ING Account (aka $20 Challenge) Old Total: $343.67
Added: $21.50
New Total: $365.17

(Psst...was just checking to see the last Change Roll I did...Oct 3rd for $27...so in 23 days I had $16.50 in rolled change and $5.00 in left-over $1 bills...not bad! Smile )

CC Settlement

October 25th, 2006 at 07:53 pm

Got a call today...another one of my CC's has agreed to settle! Yes!! So, this was an over $7,000 credit card debt I had. They agreed to settle for approx. 60% of what I owe.....$4,434.06!!!

I am so excited about this since this is the card that the law office was calling me and threatening me over and over. Big Grin

I'll be making 3 payments of $1478.02 each. First payment is due end of this month, then end of November and end of December.

Now, along with that, I am almost done with making paymens on another CC that settled...Nov should be my last payment on that one...which means by January 2007 I will only have 1 CC to settle and pay off, plus my LB CC and what I owe Mums. Whew! Feels awesome!

Of course I don't have the $ I need to do this settlement in my account yet, so I am borrowing it from Mums. Which means what I owe her will raise considerably, but I'd so rather owe Mums than the CC companies!

Heat Challenge

October 25th, 2006 at 02:02 pm

I turned my heat on today. But it was only for about a minute and a half, literally. It's starting to get that bitter damp chill we get in the winter here and I wanted to make sure the heat was all set and ready to go. It was! Got that dusty smell out of the vents, too. So now, come November 1st, my heat will be ready to go! Smile

I also finally shut the last "always open" window today. Not bad...Oct 25th and I still kept my bedroom window open all day and all night. Thanks goodness I like the cold! Smile

CC Payment / Debt Tally Update

October 23rd, 2006 at 08:40 am


Previous Balance: $412.41
Payment 10/10/06: $220.00
New Balance 10/10/06: $192.41

New Charges & Fees: $113.65
New Balance 10/22/06: $306.06

Payment 10/23/06: $125
New Balance 10/23/06: $181.06


LB CC Update:

Previous Balance: $1,388.39
Finance Charges 10/20/06: $27.07
New Balance 10/20/06: $1,415.40

Payment 10/23/06: $80.00
New Balance: $1,335.40


Debt Tally

$6,844.08 to Mom
$4,369.74 to credit cards
$1,335.40 LB CC
$181.06 Medical CC

Total: $12,730.28

Half.com DD

October 23rd, 2006 at 07:23 am

Direct deposit from half.com was a nice surprise in my checking account this morning! I'm a little confused on if I've already transferred this $ into my ING/EF and just figure the DD would replace it into the checking or not. But I am going to go ahead and transfer it anyways, since it's not an amount that will break the bank if it's missing from my checking account, and I love watching that ING/EF grow! Smile

ING Account (aka $20 Challenge) Old Total: $334.09
Added: $9.58
New Total: $343.67

Meds Update...

October 23rd, 2006 at 05:45 am

Monday morning....still haven't recieved any of my meds in the mail...not eve the ones she told me I'd have by Friday. *sigh* Now I have to call and try not to yell, but I get so angry when palces play the "Not Important" game w/my meds... Frown

Random though...

October 21st, 2006 at 02:26 pm

The boy I met...yummy!

LOL Big Grin

Just had to share! He's so cute and so wonderful!

Happy happy! Big Grin

Got my raise in my paycheck!

October 21st, 2006 at 02:24 pm

Whoo-hoo! Got my raise in my paycheck this week! Smile It works out to an extra $78 in each paycheck (every two weeks). Hey, every little bit helps, right? Smile So, I took $50 and put it towards my CC debt, and am adding the extra $28 into my ING/EF $20 account. Smile

ING Account (aka $20 Challenge) Old Total: $306.09
Added: $28.00
New Total: $334.09

CC Savings Account

October 21st, 2006 at 02:19 pm

Old Savings (CC Debt) Total: $969.44
Added $110.00 automatic deposit
Added $50.00 (extra $ due to raise)
New Savings (CC Debt) Total: $1,129.44

Non-Money Update

October 18th, 2006 at 12:47 pm

Just a quick post to ramble about some non-financial things in my life right now.

Very, very tired. Been up to 2:30, 1:30, midnight the last 3 nights in a row. Hoping to get a good night sleep tonight, although I wouldn't mind staying up late again tonight for the same reason. Been up late talking with a very cute boy I just met. Big Grin

Work is the same...my raise kicks in in this upcoming paychcek, which I get on Friday (2 more days!). I'm excited to see what it will work out to after taxes each pay period (I get paid every other week). I'm going to try to "live a raise behind" and just deposit that whole raise into my ING/EF and/or CC debt savings account.

No major plans for the weekend...movies on Sunday with my best friend I think...doing dinner tonight with my other best friend...most likely veg out adn catch up on sleep, laundry, and housework this weekend.

Totally not motivated to work on those archery articles. Shame on me. Gotta get going on those and submit them!

Did I mention I met a cute boy??? Big Grin I'll admit, been distracted the past 2 days thinking of him. Big Grin

Pssst...ut oh! The Snack Lady just showed up! Which means she'll replace all the yucky left over snack foods with the good ones we in the office can never resist! Help me not to spend $$$ on a snack! ACK! Smile

Meds in the Mail

October 18th, 2006 at 11:22 am

I recently switched over my medications (I have 4 prescriptions I take daily) so I am getting them through my health insurance's mail order plan. I was told to go to my Dr, get new prescriptions, and mail them in together. This would set up my account. Then I'd get my meds in about a week.

This was 3 weeks ago and I still haven't recieved any of them. Meanwhile, one has completely run out (2 weeks ago) and one is due to run out the day after tomorrow. So, I called the company.

The woman very rudely told me they were all on hold b/c I couldn't get one filled until this upcoming Friday, the 20th, b/c that was when it was elligiable for renewal. Then (very rudely) told me if I didn't want them all sent together I should have mailed them in seperatley.

Are you kidding me?

They don't split orders automatically, she told me. I bit my tongue trying not to tell her there was no way I knew this since I was a new client there. She split the order manually. Then hung up.


I worked in customer service for years and in my job now I still deal with customer service...how can people be so fricken rude? Don't they know anything about customer relations???

Anywho, feeling less stressed b/c the ones I need now should be here in Friday's mail, and the other one will be mailed out on Friday so I get it in Mon/Tues mail.

And this was supposed to make life easier...

Really Fricken Cold! / Heat Challenge

October 16th, 2006 at 12:59 pm

Last night was bitter cold! Temp dropped down to 32 degrees when I woke up at 7 am. And did I turn on the heat???


I slept with 2 windows open!

Yes, I really did! I had a friend stay over and he was complaining it was too cold. So we cuddled under a blanket while we watched a movie. And I was accomidating when we went to sleep -- I didn't turn on the fan. Big Grin What can I say, I like it cold when I sleep!

Anywho, I was regretting that open window decision this morning when it was time to get up and take a shower! But I made it out alive and am preparing to battle the cold once again tonight. Then, rumor has it, it's supposed to warm up over the next few days.

Think I'll stock up on some chilli pepper, hot cocoa, and wool socks just in case! Big Grin


October 16th, 2006 at 12:41 pm

Sold a book on 1/2.com this weekend. More money to the ING-EF/$20 account!

ING Account (aka $20 Challenge) Old Total: $298.58
Added: $7.51
New Total: $306.09

YAY BABY! Over $300 in only 2 1/2 months!!!! WHOOOO-HOOOOO!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Do I or Don't I?

October 13th, 2006 at 11:21 am

There is a class tonight I am thinking about taking. It's one night only, and it is about the paranormal. I love stuff like this. Here's the thing, though: it's $42. Not too expensive, but expensive enough. Especially considering I most likely won't learn anything new since I already know how to "hunt ghosts" and all about orbs, EVP and the like from another class I took back in March.

So why am I even considering it, then?

Well, there is always the chance I could learn something new. I like stuff like this. My friend asked me to go with her. It's something to do. It will get me out of the house. I might meet a cute guy there (cuz I'll never meet one if I don't get out of the house once in a while). There's nothing good on TV on Friday nights anyways. I might regret not going later if I miss out on something good.

Why am I hesitating to buy my ticket?

It's $42. I most likely will not learn anything new. I'm going through a slump right now and am not really feeling up for anything besides moping around the house with my cats. I'm tired. It's been a long week. I'm irritable. I can always watch a movie or read.

I'm so indecisive right now.

Help, anyone?

To Do on Friday the 13th (and the rest of the weekend)...

October 13th, 2006 at 06:39 am

Dr. co-pay med reimbursement
Weather strip the windows
Archery intro and conclusion
Archery articles

Pay cable bill
Pay phone bill
Med CC charge reimbursment
Transfer 1/2.com $$ (7.51)
Update website


October 12th, 2006 at 09:30 am

So, as one blogger mentioned, it snowed in Chicago. I live in Massachusetts, and last night my neighbor (I live in an apartmnet) had his heat on. It's in the 60's here today, and last night I slept with the big fan on in the bedroom, plus the smaller fan in the open window and on in the bedroom last night and was still warm! Considered putting on the AC for a few minutes, even.

So, the point to all this?

I'm disapointed fall is getting overtaken by an Indian Summer, because fall is my favorite season. But at the same time, I am wicked psyched because it's the middle of October and not only haven't I had to turn on my heat yet, but I'm still keeping windows open all day and sleeping with the windows open and the fan on!

I'm hoping this year to keep the heat off until November, and try to save some $$. Heat here can be ridiculously expensive (some months it tops $250...and I have a 1 bedroom apartment, and I keep it off during the day when I'm at work and at night when I sleep. It's only on during the evenings when I am home before bedtime!)

That's My HEAT CHALLENGE: Find creative ways to stay warm (cuddling with the cats, anyone?) when it gets really cold to avoid turning the heat on for another 2 1/2 weeks. Of course, the weather is helping quite a bit..... Wink

Here are my ideas...anyone have anything to add?

1. Cuddle with the cats
2. Bury myself under layers of blankets
3. Learn to love layers (of clothes!)
4. Lots of hot drinks
5. Start making my 1st quilt (I can lay under it while I work on it!)
6. Spend lots of time out of the house and in places where I can enjoy the heat cost-free (like Mums and Dads house!)

Archery Pays

October 12th, 2006 at 08:56 am

So it seems my archery knowledge beginning to work for me. I just got my 2nd freelance writing gig! And it's more about archery.

This time it is a bunch of 2-page articles about general archery/archery equipment for a website. Payment is $9.00 an article after fees. Not too much $$, but it is great for my writing portfolio and resume! Yay me! Big Grin

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