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New Laptop for $200!

December 2nd, 2008 at 10:45 am

My old laptop has been acting iffy lately. It is overheating, smelling like burned rubber, and the screen has been flickering. I know soon, it is going to crash. It's about 5 1/2 years old, so it has had a good run.

I've been worried that it will go and I won't be able to afford a new one. Then, something fantastic happened!

BF is getting a new laptop. His is dead. Mums and Dads said they would get one for him, and he could pay them back for it. And they decided to have one of his X-mas gifts be money towards his laptop, so he only has to pay back part of it. And they offered the same deal to me! Smile

We got the new laptops last night! It's a Compaq Presario. I heart it. Windows Vista, which I don't heart, but it's not too bad. 2 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive. CD/DVD player and burner, Wireless internet card... The only thing I don't have on it that I use a lot is Microsoft Office. Usually it is $150 to buy the Office 2007 version I use. But Microsoft had a sale and I was able to get it for $69.99! More than half off! YAY! I used money in my personal savings for it, so I didn't even have to charge it.

In addition to the Office purchase, this laptop is only going to cost me $200!! The laptop originally was $550, but Best Buy had a sale going and it was $150 off, making it only $400! Then, Mums and Dads were going to give me money for X-mas and also for my b-day (in March) so they said instead of doing that, they will put what they were going to give me towards the laptop, and that amount is $200.

Original price: $550
Best Buy sale: -$150
Holiday and B-day: -$200
Laptop price: $200
MS Office: $69.99
Total: $269.99

I am so excited! I heart my new laptop! *grin*

Oh, also, my $20 challenge/savings update:

Old Personal Savings: $143.65
MS Office: $70
New Personal Savings: $73.65

Laptop Balance to Pay Off: $200

Thank You Ebay

November 30th, 2008 at 07:23 pm

Feels good to have something to put into the Challenge! Today I transfered $50 from my paypal account to my Savings. This was from Ebay profits. Yay! *smile*

Old Personal Savings: $93.66
Ebay profits: $50.00
New Personal Savings: $143.65

Note: EF is at $36.14 (which if I need more, I will use what is in the Personal Savings).

Note: House Fund is a sad and lowley $5.37


November 30th, 2008 at 06:19 pm

Got dressed, went out in the rain, showed up at work, and found out I wasn't scheduled to work tonight. Bleh!!

So instead I came home, changed back into the comfy PJs, and made some necklaces. I love them both, but am thinking of selling them on etsy. Maybe not these two, but I think I will make some more. I have tons of supplies and only need to pick up one or two things. Should be less than $10, and hopefully I can make some money.

Watching Iron Chef America right now and the secret ingredient is chocolate. Yummmmm...Think I will bake tonight or tomorrow. We have choc-chip cookie and brownie mix. Both from the Dollar Store. I heart the Dollar Store. *smile*

Hi all

November 30th, 2008 at 09:40 am

Hello. Well, I haven't written much in the last few days because there just hasn't been much to talk about.

Just transferred $50 from my paypal account to my bank account. Profts from selling itmes on Ebay. I also have a few other thinks I found that I want to get on Ebay soon.

I've spent some money over the last few days, but not too much. I spent about $14 at CVS, but the original total was $30 an I saved with ECB. Yay! And then, with what I purchased, I earned another $15 or so in ECB. I think I will use ECB to get stuff for BFs stocking. Probably lots of candy. *smile*

Hmmm, what else. Nothing really. Working tonight so hopefully I will bring home a couple bucks. It's been slow at the store. I guess a combination of the economy and people saving their money for holiday shopping. But I do have to say, it cracks me up when people pay $30 a week to get tarot readings to ask when their finances are going to get better. Ummm, maybe if you didn't spend $120 a month on tarot readings...? But hey, I really can't complain as their money is what pays me. *smile*

I spent...

November 26th, 2008 at 08:03 pm

...again. *sigh* I'm not going to go into the long story, but I spent $40 on a necklace. I'll just say it is one I saw, literally, 9 years ago for about $100 that I wanted, but I didn't buy. I have regretted it ever since and have looked for it ever since. Turns out a girl I work with has the exact necklace and sold it to me for $40. Totally worth it to me, and I figure it is a nice holiday gift to myself.

Worked tongiht and earnerd $22. Then, we spent $20 on dinner tonight.

And I bought a coffee and bagel. $5.

*hanging head in shame*

In other news, I had an appointment today to apply for MassHealth. Seems easy enough, and since I am not working right now (except that tarot store) the guy I met with said I should get it. Let's hope so. Even if I have to pay for it (some people qualify for free health insurance through MassHealth) it will be substantially less that I pay now with Cobra. Yay for government sponsored health insurance!

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

Money went out, but more came in

November 25th, 2008 at 07:38 pm

Today was again an almost NSD. I had my appointment today to start applying for SSDI. I'm working with a non-profit (kinda) that acts as your advocate, lawyer, etc. They do all the paperwork, all the filing, everything. They are partially a non-profit in that they only get paid if you get approved for SSDI and get a retro payment to cover the months you didn't earn anything while you were waiting for the SSDI decision. IF I get approved, I'll get around $750 a month, be eligable to earn up to another $900 in a part-time job. The fee (if I have to pay one) will be $1,000. Definately worth it to me. At any rate, I did have to pay a $20 fee today to the company for filing fees and fees they need to pay to get copies of my medical records.

I also spent $2.52 finishing up a holiday gift for my friend A. Just a small finishing touch.

So, not quite a NSD, but spending in a worthwhile way. *smile*

This afternoon I got a call from the tarot store asking me to cover a shift tonight. Of course I said yes. Made $48, brought home $45.48 after picking up the items for A. So this puts my new total towards holiday shopping at $45 (I spent the other $20 from Sunday on the appt fee today). Not bad, and I am working again tomorrow. *smile*

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Ugh, spent today

November 24th, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Had a ton of errands to do today, and unfortunately spent some money.

Here's what I did:
Gas in car $23
Therapy $15
Library Free!
Post Office $1.68
Linens and Things $20
Grocery Store $87

Ugh, that's a lot. Everything except Linens and Things was a need. And I only stopped there because they are going out of business and I got a great deal. I got a new bath pillow. The ones I always get at the Dollar Store that you blow up always get popped or broken. This one was on sale for $11 and it is spongy and squishy. Can't wait to use it tonight in the bubble bath! I also got a new soap dispenser for the bathroom, since ours broke when we moved back in March. This one is so cool: it was $20 on sale for $5 and it has a clock on the front that really works. Very handy since we don't have a clock in the bathroom. And finally I got a packet of 4 reusable herb bags. They are great to fill with herbs and then dump in a hot bath. It holds all the herbs but lets them seep into the water. Then you just rince it out and let it dry. I'm actually going to fill one with a mix I made and add it to my friend A's holiday gift since she loves baths as much as me.

I am still waiting to get paid for the Azteca Dunnys I sold on Ebay, but the buyer emailed me and said payment would be here in a few days, so I am cool with that. Profit on the other Ebay sale was $4.81 I'll probably just use that to cover my Ebay fees and let the money from the Dunnys be all profit.

And another book I listed on Craigslist looks like it will sold. It's a signed First Edition Anne Rice book. A guy emailed me about it today and he lives in the same town as me, so it looks like it will go through. That will be another $15. *smile*

OK, off to grab a snack and then have a hot bubble bath! Happy Monday everyone!

Extra Income

November 23rd, 2008 at 07:45 pm

Today was a pretty good day. I slept late, then watched the football game (Pats won, yay!), then headed over to the tarot store to work. I made $50 tonight. Happy. Smile

$18 went to gifts for the BF for Christmas (one gift and 2 stocking stuffers). He's done now except a few small things for his stocking which I will pick up at the Dollar Store and with CVS ECBs. Left me with $32. $12 is going into my pocket to join 3 singles I had for my co-pay at therapy tomorrow, and $20 will be for other people's holiday gifts. Feeling good about how little I am spending this year, while stiff giving some fantastic gifts.

I also sold 2 of my 3 Ebay itmes. Yay! One went for $2.99 plus sipping and the other for $41 plus shipping (that was my Azteca Dunnys). I'll give exact totals when I figure in shipping and Ebay fees, but it looks like I should come out around $30 ahead in profits. More for holiday fund. *smile*

Although I spent for BFs Christmas gift, it was otherwise a NSD for me. And a hard one. We are really low on groceries and had to scourage for meals today. Would have been so easy to order out or just run next door to Quiznos or DnD. But, I refused. Breaky was left over Mac and Cheese, lunch was a giant salad with cottage cheese, and dinner was a grilled cheese sammy and a can of soup. But man, am I craving sushi! *smile* Tomorrow I'll pick up a few groceries (lunch meat, cheese, pasta, bread, milk) but it will be a small shop and shouldn't be too expensive.

And it's almost all gone

November 22nd, 2008 at 03:25 pm

*sigh* It feels great to have the freelance check and to be able to pay bills, but damn, it goes fast!!

Today I paid:
*Cable: $107 (this was for the month, plus the set up fees, plus the instillation fees. It won't be nearly this high ever again!)

*Cell phone: $45 (ugh, still too high for me...)

*Home phone/DSL: $70 (this is for the past 2 months)

*Electric: $45 (need to work on lowering this!)

*Gas: $15 (yay! Lowest we've had so far!)

*LBCC: $50 (bare minimum)

For the rest of the month I still need to pay the ER co-pay ($50), my ATTCC (around $200, ugh). And I need to set aside $425 for December COBRA. Ugh, again. I really hope I can get on MassHealth soon! So I put $775 (bills plus $100 for unexpected expenses) in a holding account. It's a savings account that I can hold that extra money in for now. I know me, and if I see this money in my checking I'll spend it. So I decided to open a Holding Account to sock it away until I need it. This way I can't see it as "extra money" and I won't spend it.

Brilliant, ay? LOL

Wicked ramblings

November 21st, 2008 at 08:20 pm

Had a pretty busy day money-wise today. I got my freelance check, finally! Wahoo! And I submitted my last invoice for my freelance job today, so now I am waiting for this new freelance check. It is for $500. But I got the big $1,100 one today, so I'm very happy.

I also picked up my meds. Only $18! I love Walgreens! They $4 generics have saved me more than I can count.

Earlier in this week, I posted about a book I had listed on Craigslist: a first edition of Wicked. Someone wanted to buy it, but we were trying to figure it out b/c he didn't want me to mail it, and I wasn't going to go into the city to meet him. I really thought it would fall through. But today he came to the town I live in and we met at the T station (the subway). Paid in cash and a happy exchange was made. $25 for me. $18 went to my meds and the other $7 went into my pocket. Actually, it only went into my pocket until I got home, and then it went into the Holiday Gift Fund.

I also picked up 2 holiday gifts today. Both books, both for half the cover prices on half.com and brand new. Total for the 2 books plus shipping was $27.71 One is for my best friend A and one is for my BF. The book will be the only thing I get A, since it is a big and usually expensive book. BF will get a few other small things since the book was very inexpensive. Dads is half done. Got him a Life is Good golf t-shirt and golf towel. Still need to pick up a GC to his favorite cigar shop. Mums isn't done yet. Getting her a CD and a DVD, so I am waiting for Black Friday when they will all be really cheap. Same for BIL, he's getting 2 DVDs I will pick up on Black Friday. Sis is half done, some Elvis stuff. I am also knitting her some fingerless gloves now that I know how. About half-way done with those. And then I need to knit a pair of gloves for my best friend L. And that's it for holiday shopping. Not a big list, and with making things this year it makes it less expensive and more personal.

Found a penny on the ground today, but it was a Canadian penny. What's that equal to now, 2 or 3 of our pennies? *smile*

ER co-pay

November 20th, 2008 at 08:13 pm

This morning when I woke up the swelling in my face was worse. Moved down to my throat and neck, and I had a rash all over my chest and arms. Decided not to fool around with it and went to the ER.

They couldn't tell me what it was from. Possibly a side effect of the IV steroid treatments, possible just a random allergen in the air. So frusterating.

But they gave me prescriptions and hopefully I will be better soon. Don't know how much they will cost. They gave me 3 different meds (more steroids, ugh) and I have to pick them up at the pharmacy tomorrow. And next week or so I'll be getting a bill for my $50 ER co-pay.

Don't you just love being sick?? *smile*

On a happy note, I found a penny on the sidewalk today. New Pennies on the Sidewalk total: $1.93 *smile*


November 19th, 2008 at 11:50 am

Last night when BF got home from work, he went to change into his PJs and he "found" $1.02 in change in his jean pockets. He says he has no idea where it came from.

He put it on my dresser, and walked away. The rule in this house is unless you keep it hidden from me, all change goes into the Cash In the Bag (which is actually a jar...). Today I swept it up and added it to the jar. *smile*

On a non-financial note, yesterday morning I woke up and my face was swollen. My lips are swollen, my jawline, and my left eye. Really swollen and puffy. I figured maybe I was bit by something while I slept (we find 3 or 4 spiders a week in this place). Took an extra allergy pill and it looked like it started to go down over the day. Woke up this morning and it is just as bad as it was yesterday. Can't figure it out. I'm hesitant to go to the Dr. since I don't have one up here. I would have to go to the ER, and besides an all day wait, it is a $50 co-pay. My throat and tongue aren't swollen, and I feel fine otherwise, except for the itchies. I guess if it doesn't go away by Fri I'll have to see the Dr. I am working the tarot store tonight and I'm concerned nobody will want a reading with me: I look a little freaky-creepy!

Too much

November 18th, 2008 at 05:46 pm

Ate way too much food today. Spent way too much money today.

Can't wait til tomorrow to start over again.

Quiet day

November 17th, 2008 at 11:17 am

Well, today we were planning on going and getting BF a new state ID (he doesn't drive so he doesn't have a license). His expired in September, and we just haven't had a chance to get a new one. Finally today we were going to get there.

Then I got a call from my freelance job and turns out they need a bunch of stuff due in today by 5 instead of the original due date. So instead I have been working all afternoon (so good to feel important again!). I still have a few more hours worth of work, but I figured I'd take a break to post here while I am downloading stuff I need. We'll do the ID tomorrow or Wed.

BF has been sitting on the couch counting out his extra Hecatomb cards. It is a role-playing game he plays in. He got a massive amount of brand new boxes of the cards from a friend over the summer, so he took what he wanted/needed, and we are going to sell the rest on Ebay. So far he has over 1,000 extra cards to sell, and he's still counting. We probably won't get too much for them, but selling them as one big lot should bring in about $50. BF's computer broke two nights ago, so he is on a mission to get as much extra $$ as he can to buy a new one as soon as he can. The $$ from his Hecatomb cards will go towards that.

Oh, and get this. I had an Ebay listing posted for a lot of collectable vinyl toys. It had 2 watchers on it about an hour after it posted. Ebay cancelled the listing because I put "Like New" in the header. HUH?? How wierd is that? They said it voilated the listing rules because you were only allowed to put specifics related to the item in the listing title. Ummmm, isn't "New" "MIB" and "Like New" related to the item? Grrrr, I was so mad. So, I deleted that from the title and relisted it. Of course, nobody is watching it now. Poo. Hopefully whoever was watching it yesterday will search for the toys again and re-watch them. Ebay boogers.

I also put a few books up on craigslist. One is a First Edition of "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire. It is in brand new condition, so I listed it for $25. I got an email from a guy who wants to buy it. Yay! We are trying to figure out how to do the exchange since he doesn't want to come out to the city I live in and I don't want to go to the city he lives in. I told him I can mail it to him for an additional $5, but he doesn't want to spend $$ on shipping. Makes me mad, b/c he is acting like if I want to make the sale I need to go to him. Ummm, no. You need to come to me. I'm not going to spend my money to go to you. But I'm afriad if I insist on him coming out here he will say forget it and I will lose the sale. Should I risk it and if I lose the sale just hope someone else wants to buy it???

PS. BF just finished counting his cards...almost 1,700 extra to sell!!!

Holistic Health Expo

November 16th, 2008 at 05:35 pm

I went along with my tarot store today to a Holistic Health Expo. The store I work at had some tables set up and a bunch of merchandise. I was there with another psychic and we did readings all day.

I made $80! Happy Happy!

We really needed the money, and this is a huge help. I'm hoping I can afford to put about half of it aside for holiday shopping, but it just depends on how much I make Wed night and the rest of the week.

Hoping for some Ebay sales

November 15th, 2008 at 03:34 pm

I finally got around to posting some items on Ebay tonight. I collect these vinyl toys called Dunny. They are these odd/adorable bunnies that stand on 2 feet. Some of them are normal, just funky colors or whatnot, and some are, well, disturbing, like the axe murderer. When I fist started collecting them, I started with the Azteca series. They are all based on aztec art and symbols. A little later, a new series came out: the Tattoo series. Having tattoos and loving tattoos, this is the series I really focused on. Now that I have all but 2 of the Tattoo series, I decided it was time to sell my Azteca series. It is kind of sad, since they were the first series I started collecting, but I've spent so much on the Tattoo series I figure I need to earn some money back. The trick is they are sold in blind boxes, meaning you don't know which one in the series you are getting. Some are common, about 2/25, some very rare, 1/500.

Anyways, I listed 11 of my Azteca Dunnys in one lot on Ebay. They usually sell pretty good, since they have been sold out for over a year. I placed the starting bit at $25, which is really cheap. I had one single Dunny from the Azteca series who was so rare, he sold by himself for almost $200 on Ebay. I'm hoping someone new to collecting Dunnys will jump at the chance to get 11 limited edition out of stock guys for a low price. And then, of course, I hope a bidding war starts. *smile*

Along with my Dunnys, I collect a series of vinyl toys called 7 Deadly Cins. There are 7 in the series, one for each of the 7 sins. I have 5 of the 7, would love to get to other two, but they are expensive. At any rate, I have 2 extras (again, blind boxes) so I put each of those up seperately.

I have a signed first edition Anne Rice book I am also going to put up. Just have to take pics first.

OK, off to find more of my fabulous-but-I-don't-have-room-for itmes to list.


A little to add, finally!

November 15th, 2008 at 01:52 pm

I got a $3 deposit into my paypal from Pinecone today. Yay. *smile* I think I am going to throw it to our savings account. It has been so longs since I've been able to put anything in there. It is a small amount, but it gives me a feel-good boost. Plus, we still have $30 in our checking and I am working tomorrow.

I also need to update with the interest I earned in October. I totally forgot about it. *smile*

Personal Fund Balance: $190.00 Withdrawl: -$100
Interest: .42
Pinecone: $3.00
New Personal Balance: $93.42

Old House Fund Balance: $100.96
Withdrawl: -$100
Interest: .32
New House Fund Balance: $5.32

Old EF Balance: $33.80
Interest: .05
New EF Balance: $36.05

I still plan on replacing the $200 I took out earlier when I get my freelance check, but I honestly don't know if I will be able to. I am thinking at this point I may just combine the personal fund and the house fund. And sad as it is, I can't decide if I want the personal fund to be for the new couch, or the house fund to be for the new couch. Gah! LOL

Bits and Pieces and Rambles

November 15th, 2008 at 01:46 pm

Let's see, where to start...

Foun 11 cents on the sidewalk yesterday. New Pennies on the Sidewalk Total: $1.92

Had to pick up shampoo and conditioner this week. Stopped at CVS, and I have discovered Extra Care Bucks! The type I like to use is usually $4.99 each. We only buy it on sale or with coupons. Otherwise we use a $.99 one. The ones we love were on sale for $2 off each one. Bought 2 shampoos, 2 conditioners, at 2.99 each, but then, I am getting $8 ECB back. Works out to $.99 each. VERY happy with that! I also had a coupon for $2 ECB, so I picked up 2 giant candy bars at 2/$2. Free candy to satisfy our sweet cravings!

I also headed over the the Dollar Store. Ours has really good cake mix for $1 a box. For some reason, BF and I have been having REALLY bad sweet cravings, so I figured I'd make a cake for us this weekend. But, when I got there, I found they had cake mix, brownie mix, chocolate chip cookie mix, and banana nut bread mix. My parents do Thanksgiving for us, and me and my sis always bring deserts. So I picked up 1 brownie mix, 2 chocolate chip cookie mixes, and a banana nut bread mix. I'll bring chocolate chip cookies for Thanksgiving, and the banana nut bread for Christmas. And bake brownies for us. *smile*

What else...had some coupons for some great items at Walgreens. I was able to pick up a bunch of things, like baby wipes (we use them to clean our long-haired cat), a 5 lb bag of Sugar (for $1.99!), disposable baking pans (we don't have any so I can use these for all our cake mixes), drink mix (we only drink that and water), dish soap, vitamins, and a holiday gift for BF. And the total was high enough that I was able to use the $5 off a $20 purchase. Yay me for using the coupons. You guys are such a good influence on me! *smile*

I was supposed to work tomorrow from 5-10, but I got a call from my "boss" today. There is an all day psychic expo going on tomorrow, from 9-5. He asked if I wanted to do that instead. It means I will work at a reader for 9 hours representing the store with a few other readers. GREAT chance for some big money, plus it will get my name out there to new clients. I am SO excited he asked me! Being still fairly new there (I've only been a reader there since this summer), this is a HUGE deal and a major compliment. Kudos to me! Let's hope I make some major cash! *smile*

A job in finance? Send me positive thoughts!

November 13th, 2008 at 12:47 pm

I haven't been working this last month at my temp job for 2 reasons: 1. With the health issue I couldn't work, and 2. They haven't had any work. But I got a call from them today.

They are going to send in my resume for a new assignment: 3 months as a financial expert on 401Ks!! HA! It is 3 weeks of training and then a 3 month position taking incoming calls from customers/clients and potential customers/clients. Honestly, I think it sounds like fun!!

I made sure I mentioned to the temp company that one of my hobbies is financial reading! *smile* (Yes, I do. Not just here, either. *smile*)

It sounds like a great job, and honestly, even if it wasn't, I'd take it.

In other news, made some plans today to tackle my financial crisis right now. My list of calls to make tomorrow:

1. Call the non-profit my therapist reccommended to assist me in filing for SSDI.

2. Call to get on MassHealth (government sponsored health insurance... way cheaper than my $425 a month COBRA).

3. Fill out food stamps app.

4. Check on cell phone plan. If I can cancel it without a fee, I am going to do that and just get a prepaid one. Not working, I don't use it that much anymore.

5. WORK ON BOOK Ok, so this may not technically be a financial thing right now, but if I can get it finished, I can start trying to get it published. I honestly believe it will be published, just as soon as I finish it. Been working on it 3 1/2 years. Time to finish it up.

It feels good to have a plan at least. Sure, things are tough, but I have a plan and that plan will make things better. Ahhh, feeling less stressed already!

Brought home some cash

November 13th, 2008 at 09:47 am

Worked at the tarot store last night. Ended up bringing home $40. Makes me happy. This means while our checking is still at $70, my personal cash total is up to $50. BF gets paid tomorrow, so there will be another $25 or so in the checking. I have therapy today, so I'll use some of my personal cash to pay the $15 co-pay.

I managed to make yesterday another NSD. It was hard. I was craving coffee while I was at work so bad. But in the end, I ate the crackers I brought with me, and then had dinner when I got home. Yay me!

Today I have therapy, plus I need to put gas in the car, so it won't be a NSD. I might treat myself to a $2 coffee. Since I have to spend on necessary items today, it won't ruin a NSD, and it is just a small amount. Of course, this is the kind of dangerous thinking that got me where I am, but I think I can restrain myself. *smile*

PS, still waiting on the freelance check.

Up $5.76

November 12th, 2008 at 07:30 am

Yesterday before BF went to work I have him $5 of my last $10 in case he needed soemthing to eat. No big deal.

But yay! When he got home, he gave me the $5 back, plus 76 cents. Turns out he found $4 in his wallet and didn't need my $5. Then he gave me his leftover change from his purchase.

What a sweet BF! LOL

In other news, yesterday was a NSD for me! Yay! This is 2 this week. I haven't had one in so long, but it is a great feeling. *smile* Planning on today being one as well.

I work at the tarot store tonight. Hopefully I have a few good clients and a few good tippers. I'd love to come home with $50 or so.

Heading to the library this afternoon. Need some more books to read. *smile* Also, trying to enjoy all the free entertainment I can.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Found a dirty dime

November 11th, 2008 at 02:28 pm

Walking to the car today, I noticed a pebble in the same shape and size and perfect roundness of a dime. Of course, I stopped to check it out, and was a dime! Pretty much in a pile of dirt, but hey, a dime is a dime. *smile*

Cash flow is OK right now. Gave BF $5 of my last $10 cash for him to get something at work tonight. I'll just have a few leftovers for dinner. Big imporovement, since normally when BF is at work I use it as an excuse to order out or get take-out. Not tonight, though. We have $70.11 in the checking account, and all bills are paid. I'm refusing to spend it on extra food, since I picked up about $60 worth of groceries yesterday morning and we have plenty to eat in the house. Plus, I am really enjoying the fact that so far for me, it has been a NSD and I am determined to keep it one!

Just waiting on that stupid freelance check now!

Happy Veterans Day and thanks to everyone who has severved!!!!

Spendy Sunday

November 10th, 2008 at 09:36 am

Well, I did it. Saturday was a NSD!!! NO donuts for me! LOL

Yesterday (Sunday), I did a bit of spending. Woke up Sunday morning with nothing for breaky in the house, so we went and got some bagles and coffee (4 bagels, cream cheese, coffee, $12). Then, I met up with a friend for lunch. Spent $15 there. Not a good day money wise, but it was a fun day and I got to see a good friend. Spent the rest of Sunday at Mums and Dads watching the game and then they treated us out to dinner. Awww, such awesome parents.

And today. So far, so good. Went to the bank, then went to the grocery store this morning. Spent about $60, but that will last us 3 meals a day for at least the week. There should be no eating out this week, at all!

Only other plans are looking for work (what else is new) and hitting the library for some books re: applying for disability. Hopeing to get some work done on my own book I am writing right now, but I just don't have the motivation. Maybe tonight.

It's not a latte factor, but a food obsession

November 8th, 2008 at 12:03 pm

I have realized that I am OK at not spending money on impulse buys. I think it is a lot of the learning and conditioning from being here and talking to you all for so long. BUT, I have noticed I do have a weakness when it comes to unecessary spending.

I am addicted to food.

I can say no to anything else. Talk myself out of anything else. Reason myself out of anything else. But once I get the idea in my head that there is some food I want, or snack I want, or I want to eat out at a special place or just plain eat out, I CANNOT talk myself out of it. And on those rare occassions when I do, I obsess over the food I didn't get all night until I can get it the next day.

I know this is more a food/eating problem, and it is something I am working on in therapy, but I have recently realized it is a money issue as well. Days when I say no to the donuts, ice cream, ordering in, eating out, stops for coffee, I don't spend extra money. I tend to stay on budget. I guess food is my latte factor, but damn, that's a big f***ing latte!!!

It's hard to admit this, but I would say about $2,500 of my $5,000 CC debt is from eating out. The rest is books and splurges, some necessities, but about half from my food addiction.

Wow. I never thought I would admit that to anyone, ever.

Even now, as I write this all I can think of is walking next door to DnD and getting 2 donuts. Only $1.68! And I have about $12 of my own spending cash. BUT I am trying not to do it. First, because I have to start to break the cycle somewhere, and second, because I am very unhealthy and overweight and NEED to lose weight.

Ive commented here before that when my health/weight is getting better and I am more in control, my spending goes out of wack. And vice versa. But now I am realizing it is not an either/or issue. They are linked together. I can't focus on clenaing up just one, because then I ignore the other. I really need to battle them as one lump issue, as opposed to two separate issues.

I guess therapy is a good place to start. Thanks Goddess I decided to go back this summer. I am also starting the process for weight-loss surgery, approval from my health insurance, etc. My therapist suggested I check out Overeaters Anonymous, and I am starting to think this is a good idea. And it seems like this will be my therapy for the financial aspect of this battle.

Wow. That was a lot of heavy blogging there. Thanks again for everything these past few weeks from you all and for listening. Just being about to put it out there makes it more real and makes me face it better.

Cash Flow Saturday

November 8th, 2008 at 11:48 am


Checking balance: $95
CITB deposit: $35
Check deposit: $30
Total: $160

Checking balance: $160
Dinner: -$25
Half.com DD: $17.82
Total: $152.85

Not too bad. Plus I still have $12 cash of my own from my tarot earnings from lat week. And it was nice to get that DD from half.com today. Still waiting on my freelance check and a survey check, but I'm feeling OK.

Cash Flow

November 6th, 2008 at 04:12 pm

Took a look at our cash right now. We have $90 in the checking account. I have $35 to deposit in the bank from CITB. I made $29 last night ($4 went to CITB), leaving me $25 in cash. $7 for lunch today, leaving me $18 in cash. Waiting on a $10 check from a survey site I use. Waiting on a $17 dd from half.com. So, let's break it down a little easier for me to read.

Checking: $90
CITB: $35
Cash: $18
Total cash: $143

Waiting on
Survey check: $10
DD half.com: $17
Total waiting on: $27

So that is $160, when those two things come through. This is for the rest of the month, plus whatever I can earn at the tarot store the rest of the month, or until I get the freelance check I am waiting on.

The check will be for $1100, and will be broken down like this:

Check: $1100
- Health Ins.: $450
- Replace savings taken out: $200
Left: $450 for bills, holidays, and unexpected expenses.

We have groceries, may just have to pick up a few small items, like bread and tomatoes.

Will have to pay for therapy sessions ($15 a week) plus meds for the month.


So stressed.

Earned a few bucks

November 6th, 2008 at 06:53 am

Worked the tarot store last night. Had only 2 readings, but I came home with $29. Not bad for 3 1/2 hours. Threw the singles ($4) into the CITB (Cash in the Bag for your newbies here, where I collect my spare change and someitmes single bills). $10 will be for lunch with a friend today, and the other $15 for my therapy co-pay next week. Feels good to have some cash, even if it is a small amount.

Oh, and I was able to pick up 2 extra shifts in Novemeber, so far. I usually work one a week, but I also sometimes fill in for other people who can't amke their shift. Hopefully I get a few more fill-ins this month, too.

Wal-greens jingly again!

November 5th, 2008 at 01:21 pm

Found another 3 cents at Wal-greens today. Smile

New Pennies on the Sidewalk total: $1.71

$15 instead of $75

November 4th, 2008 at 02:52 pm

Well, as I mentioned in a post yesterday, I started my IV steroid treatments. I had thought I was going to have to do a $15 co-pay each day I went to the cancer center this week. Going there 5 days this week meant $75 in co-pays this week.

BUT, turns out that I only had to do the co-pay on the first day, not every day. $15 is much better than $75!

And then, I did something silly/stupid. I figured, hey, that gives me about $60 I wasn't counting on. And instead of using it for a bill or to put on the CC, I bought 3 magazines, ice cream, a coffee, and 2 donuts. *hanging head in shame*

Yes, I confess. I did a bad bad thing. In a little bit of redemption, though, I only spent $30 on all that stuff, so I am technically still $30 ahead of where I thought I would be this week. That $30 is totally going to bills!


November 4th, 2008 at 04:19 am

Found 3 cents at Wal-greens on Sunday.

New Pennies on the Sidewalk total: $1.68

Jingly jingly! Smile

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